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    學會微笑的英語作文_初中英語作文:學會寬容Learn to be Tolerant

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      【篇一】學會寬容Learn to be Tolerant

    When I am making mistakes, my parents will never be angry with me. I am so thankful to them for they are so tolerant with me. I learn many things from my parents, they show me how to be a tolerant person. They will not blame me for the small mistake that I make, instead, they will educate me in the gentle way. Unlike some parents who are strict to their kids, they will be very angry and said the hurting words, making the children feel sad. Being tolerant to other people’s mistakes is the best way to solve the problem. People will appreciate the kind act and make things goes on the easy way.

      【篇二】和父母交朋友Making Friends With My Parents

    Since I go to middle school, I don’t like to talk to parents, because when I tell them my idea, they will deny it and then ask me do as what they say. I am not the little girl anymore, I have the right to make my decision. My parents realize this, someday they walked to my room and talked to me. They apologized for treating me like the little kid, they liked to respect my decision and wanted to make friends with me. I was so happy, my parents indeed followed their words. I opened my heart and talked with them all the things. Talking to the friends is much easier than talking to the parents.

      【篇三】幸福的密碼The Code of Happiness

    Last night, I read the news about a professor who wrote the paper 20 years ago. He did some research about asking people whether they were happy and he came up with the conclusion that happiness belonged to two kinds of people, they are the one who lived in peace and the other was who lived with great achievement. But 20 years later, he decided to revisit these people and he found that the conclusion about happiness he made before was wrong. Most people with great achievement felt not happy because they met setbacks. The professor came up with the new conclusion that the real happiness lies in the peaceful soul. This is the code of happiness.