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    [高中英語作文萬能句子]高中英語作文:我的相冊集 My Photo Album

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      【篇一】我的相冊集 My Photo Album

    Yesterday, my mother clean the house, she did the big cleaning, so she searched every corner of the house, many old things were dig out, like the toys when I owned at the very early age. But there was one thing surprised me most, it is my photo album, my mother was happy to find it, she opened it to me, I saw myself in different stages. The photo album recorded me since I was born, I saw the wonderful moment my parents wrote, like the date I first talked, my parents took the picture of the moment. Seeing these moments, I felt so thankful to my parents, for not only they recording these beautiful moment, but also for they raise me up, they are such good parents that they cultivate me with all their hearts. I will return them when I grow up.

      【篇二】北大男神走紅 Handsome Boy in Peking University Got Famous

    Recently, a picture caught many people’s attention, in the picture, a handsome boy was studying in the library silently, people could only see his half face. Girls are crazy about him, because he was so handsome, wearing the white shirt makes him a gentleman, what’s more, his silent sitting there looks like beautiful scenery. The boy’s picture soon becomes the hot topic, people search his information and more and more his things were dig out. The boy got the first place in his province when he took part in the college entrance exam, he also could play cello very well. As he is so excellent, people admire him so much and want to cultivate their kids as excellent as him. We could see that beautiful outlook will help you catch people’s attention, but only your talented skill makes you outstanding.

      【篇三】何如維持友誼 How to Maintain the Friendship

    Everyone needs friends in their lives, no one can live alone, they need friends to share their sorrow and happiness, so that they can keep the good mood. But even the marriage needs to run in the long term, for friendship, people will confront all kinds of problems, the one who can deal with the problems well will maintain the friendship. When you have argument with your friends, both of you do not want to give in, at this time, you need to calm down and be general, you can release the intense atmosphere。In a few days, when both of you have calmed down, the argument is nothing but a small interlude. Sometimes your friend will work in another place, if you two are lazy to contact with each other, friendship is easy to lose as the time went by. Maintaining friendship is not easy.