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    【大學英語作文萬能模板】大學英語作文:怎樣做一個好學生How to Be a Good Student

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    【導語】學習英語,閱讀真的很重要,多閱讀一些短篇英語文章也是提高英語閱讀能力的一種。下面是本站整理發布的“大學英語作文:怎樣做一個好學生How to Be a Good Student”,歡迎閱讀參考!更多相關訊息請關注本站!

      【篇一】怎樣做一個好學生 How to Be a Good Student?

    When it comes to what makes up a good student, many people may have the stereotypes that a good student is one who can always get high marks in examinations. In school, the student who gets high marks or full marks is considered to be the model student. It does not matter whether he has a good health or not, as long as he get the high marks. After school, when the students come back home, their parents would ask them to do more homework to get higher marks.

    當提到什么才算是好學生時,人們就會對其有種成見:認為好學生就是在考試中獲得高分的人。在學校,那些考得高分甚至滿分的學生被認為是模范學生。只要能考高分,就不論他是否有個好的身體。放學后,當學生回到家,家長會督促他們做更多的練習以獲取更高的分數。 However, in my humble opinion, I think being a good student is not only about getting high marks in the exams, but also know how to live and get alone with others, which is more important than reading and writing. The pity thing is most of the students spend so much time on doing their homework that most of them do not enjoy good health. They should be encouraged to go outside to do sports, listen to music and draw some pictures. The teachers should not only teach the knowledge in the textbooks to the students, but also help the students to know about the society. After they graduate from colleges, they will be more adaptable to this world. 然而,在我看來,我認為做一個好學生不僅僅是在考試中得高分,更重要的是學會如何生存,于他人和諧相處,這比讀書和寫文章更重要。比較遺憾的事情是,大多數學生把時間都花在了做作業上面,導致身體不太好。他們應該外出運動、聽音樂、畫畫的。老師們不僅僅教會他們書本上的知識,也應該幫助學生了解這個社會。在他們畢業之后,他們才能更好的適應這個社會。 To sum up, to be a good student does not only mean he can get high marks in the exams, but also have a healthy body and mind. Generally speaking, the student who is good at study and willing to help others are considered to be good. 總的來說,要當個好學生不僅僅是在考試中獲得高分,也要有個健康的身心。一般來說,只有成績好,樂于助人的學生才算是好學生。

      【篇二】網絡聊天更真實?Chattering Online Are More Real?

    Since there so many negative news about the Internet are reported on the newspaper, it is believed that online chattering is such dangerous that people should never tell their real information when talk to strangers. Recently, it is reported that people are more willing to tell their real information online, is it true? I think so, but we still need to protect ourselves.


    People are willing to give their real information because they want to be the real one and seek for comfort. People are living in a fast-pace city, they are under great pressure, they need to hind the real themselves for the purpose of better survivor. When chatting online, they don’t have burden to the stranger, so they are telling the real situation, be the real themselves and give out their pressure. Online chatting seems to be more sincere.


    Online talking provides a way for the bad guy to do the criminal thing. Some bad guys will use the Internet to do the immoral deal or cheat the young boys and girls. So people need to take care, don’t leak out too much real information, never meet the strangers alone.


      【篇三】母親的嘮叨Mother’s Chatter

    There is no doubt that mother is so great, she is the one who gives us life and takes care of us all the time. Most mothers master the housework, in the long run, they get use to tell their kids things in a garrulous way. This is what kids’ annoyance, they are not patient to hear what their mothers say, while mother’s chatter is a sign of love.


    mother’s babbling about the things seems to be every mother’s nature. When you ask someone how the mother talks to him or she, you will get the common answer, that is the mother keeps talking in the unfinished way, the children are so impatient to hear what their mothers say. As for me, when my mother starts to ask me to notice some safe problems, I don’t want to hear it, because she has told me many times before.


    While though mother talks in a way that most children don’t like, the mother does this because of love. Every mother loves their children so much, they just want to make sure their children be safe and sound. The children should try to understand their mothers, listen to them all the time, or least act like a mature guy, then they will be less babbling to you.