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    高中英語作文萬能句子|高中英語作文:成為聆聽者 To Be a Listener

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    【導語】閱讀英語美文會給大家帶來與眾不同的感受,多讀英語也有利于提升我們的英語能力,歡迎閱讀本站為大家精心整理的“高中英語作文:成為聆聽者 To Be a Listener”!更多相關訊息請關注本站!

      【篇一】成為聆聽者 To Be a Listener

    When we are happy, we will be like to share our happiness with others, making them to know our enjoyment. But when we are not in the good mood, we are so upset about so many things, at this moment, we are in need of someone who can listen to us. Being a listener is not easy, people always complain about their worries, the listener must be do the job not only listen to them, but also learn to comfort them. To be a good listener can help us make good friends with others, and get the high praise from friends. The one who always listen to others will be easy going, people like to make friends with them, when they are in trouble, their friends are willing to help them. From now on, let’s learn to be a considerate person, being other people’s sweet heart.


      【篇二】中醫的優勢 The Advantages of Chinese Medicine

    As the development of science, people’s medical care has been improved, when people get sick, they can go to the hospital and get the treatment, and then they will recover soon. Today western medicine is people’s first choice, the Chinese medicine is being ignored by more and more people. Compared to western medicine, Chinese medicine has its own advantages. First, Chinese medicine won’t have or have less side effect. Western can work on people’s body soon, but it is true that the side effect is very obvious, such as headache, dizzy and get sick of the food. Chinese medicine takes some time to work, but without side effect. People can recover completely. Second, Chinese medicine pays special attention to the food treatment. It is believed that taking pills will hurt the body, but the food treatment is different, people can adjust their diet to get healthy. Chinese medicine will not out of date.

      【篇三】高中生活High School Life

    The first day when I go to high school, I felt excited, after 9 years’ study, I felt I was so close to university, the dream always gives me motivation to move on. The first year, I made many friends, I got to know all of my classmates, though the study was hard and tedious, I shared happiness and sorrow with my friends. When the second year came, I was arranged to another class, for the need of my major. I was a little frustrated at first, because I was worried no one could talk to me, but I made new friends quickly, sometimes I would keep in touch with my old friends. Now the last year has come, I must study hard, I will go to college next year, never have I felt so close to my dream. High school life is not easy for me, for the pressure is so heavy, but I won’t give up.