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      【篇一】如何維護消費者權益 How to Protect Consumers’ Rights

    I bet most of you guys have come across such situation, when you go shopping and buy something, you find there is something wrong with the product after you buy it, you want the manager to compensate for you, but the manager refuse to. Though you are angry, there is nothing you can do. As a consumer, we need to protect our rights, when we find the products are not conformed with specifications, we have the right to ask for compensation. The consumers’ rights are legal and protected by the laws, March 15 is International Day for Consumers’ Rights and Interests, it pays special attention to the consumers, it reminds consumers of their rights. If consumers find the shops are cheating customers, they can call the police and protect their rights. So when we buy products, we need to have the conscious that our consumers’ rights are protected by law.


      【篇二】中國人的社交 Chinese Social Communication

    When you ask a foreign what’s his impression about Chinese, he will say Chinese people are friendly and kind, but if you ask his impression about Chinese people when they are meeting in social occasion, he will answer you with the drink. It is a tradition for Chinese people that when they invite friends, they must prepare a lot of wine, the guests need to be drunk, because it means the hosts do a good job on treating their friends. Wine culture in China is very popular, it reflects on the business communication, too. When people need to deal with the business, they like to book a table in the hotel, and talk about the business work while they are having dinner. The inevitable thing is to drink, the boss like to watch the young employees to drink, when the boss is happy, the business is done. Chinese social communication is not in the best way, but there is no way to change.


      【篇三】舞蹈班 Dancing Class

    One day, when I go home after class, my mother says she has something to tell me, I am so curious, she says to me that she wants me to learn ballet, I am don’t know what it is and say yes. But when I go to the dance class for a week, I feel down, ballet is so hard for me, my body doesn’t listen to me, I feel I am so stupid. I tell my mother I want to drop out of the dance class, she asks me why, I tell her the reason, she says everything won’t be easy to do, I should keep on, if I give up this time, I will do this next time. So I have to keep on, now, I feel ballet is not that hard, though I am still not dance well , I can keep up with others. I learn that I should not give up so easily.